When we contacted Jodie we were beyond exhausted. Our little man had got into the habit of waking up pretty much every one to two hours every night and all that would make him happy was to go back to sleep with mummy as a dummy.. At this stage my husband and I were both sleeping on the living room floor to try and get some sleep..

Jodie helped us set up a plan to get John back on track and us back in our bedroom..! After only a few nights things had much improved and John is now sleeping soundly through the night and is a happier boy during the day. His daytime sleeps are also much more consistent which has made planning our days a lot easier. 

Jodie’s continuing support and encouragement was fantastic and helped us stick to the plan. I would highly recommend Mindful Mum to any parents who need help with sleep and routines for their little ones.

Thank you for helping us getting our sleep, sanity and bed back!
If you’re having difficulties with your little ones, then I highly recommend Jodie!

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Anneli, Sydney

For us, everything changed dramatically at 4 months. From then on our baby hardly ever slept through the day, she had to be rocked to sleep every night and started waking 2-3 times every night. We also started solids which went well for a month or so and then she became really uninterested. A work friend recommended Jodie who we decided to see at 9 months. Within 2 weeks we went from 8 breastfeeds over a 24 hour period to 3 feeds, our daughter started loving solids and wanting more and more (and that has continued), we have a sleep routine where she can now put herself to sleep and also re-settle herself. A lot of people told us that babies love routine, I didn’t fully understand what that meant before seeing Jodie. The routine is now ingrained so at 11:00am my daughter comes over to me as it is breast milk time, in the evening when she starts rubbing her eyes sure enough it is 6.45pm, she has become clockwork. When we started our new sleep/eat routine we were very rigid with timings etc and 4 weeks later we now have the confidence to be flexible with the routine. It has also helped us to be able to read our daughter better and know when she is not well rather than second guessing wondering if she is hungry or tired or just being difficult. Jodie’s 2 week follow up is invaluable, we highly recommend her. Natalie, Sydney

I spent the first 11 months loving co sleeping with my second bub and I found it easier to feed her overnight with her beside me given I had an active toddler to play with by day but it wasn’t sustainable as neither of us were getting good rest. And worse still we were becoming unhappier the more overtired we became.
I will be forever grateful to Jodie for sticking by me and helping me to push through some really tough nights so that my bub & I could finally get some good quality sleep. It’s that ongoing support that was what I so needed & I am so appreciative.
Jodie not only helped me with sleep & settling, but with her gentle approach and wisdom she also helped me work through the separation anxiety that I was feeling & see for myself how much happier my little one could be once she could rely on me to be consistent around sleep times & once she was able to achieve some good quality sleep as well.
You say you only held my hand Jodie but you did so much more. You gave me my life back & I’m such a better Mum for it.

Amie, Sydney

Jodie came to us when I didn’t know how to deal with the frequent waking right after bedtime and throughout the night.

I hadn’t slept 3 or 4 hours in a row for months and was very sleep deprived.

My little one also catnapped during the day which affected his feedings as well. I had read a million books and knew what was wrong ( I also fed him at night), but didn’t know how to tackle the problems and how/with what to be persistent and consistent.Within 2 days my little boy slept through the night and all the other problems dissolved.

I still can’t believe it and have my old self back 😉 Jodie was so clear and yet so gentle, just what I needed. Her advice in the following weeks helped me to follow through and gave me confidence.

To give her a call was the best decision I have made in my new motherhood role so far! Tausend Dank, Jodie.

Jana, Sydney

We called Jodie when our daughter turned 1 after dealing with frequent night wakings and constant night feedings. I was exhausted. I asked Jodie to help me night wean and to teach my daughter how to fall asleep on her own without feeding.

I consider myself a very gentle parent so I was so anxious about the change I was about to make but Jodie gave me the reassurance to know that it was the right step to take and the confidence I needed to see it through. She has an extremely gentle but confident nature which was exactly what I needed.

By the third night our girl was putting herself to sleep with nothing but a smile on her face. She began to wake only once through the night, if not she will sleep right through for at least 11 hours.

She is more rested and so much happier, just like Mum. If you are struggling with exhaustion and a wakeful baby, I encourage you to give Jodie a call. I cannot thank her enough for all her guidance and support.

Dominique, Sydney

I found Jodie when I was searching for help to get my 10 week old son into a routine. At the time, I could only get him to sleep by rocking him in my arms (which often was not successful). Most days he spent a lot of time awake, eventually working himself into a state by evening because he was so overtired.Jodie talked me through how to settle my son in his cot and stayed with me while I practiced.

Having her there to help me identify his cues when getting to sleep was so valuable and has helped me improve at ‘reading’ him – knowing when to leave him and when to intervene, when he’s likely to fall back asleep and not. Jodie also devised a routine to suit his age and individual needs.Jodie’s demeanor instantly put me at ease. She was open and actually listened to what I was experiencing, rather than making assumptions and trying to force a ‘one size fits all’ approach. I now feel more confident with managing any sleep and routine difficulties that we encounter.

Elissa, Wollongong

The support and advice given by Jodie has been invaluable.
As soon as our 6 month old twin girls and I met Jodie we felt at ease. Jodie provided us with a practical routine that worked for us and our lifestyle.

Jodie helped us in so many ways by showing us different techniques to assist our girls to self settle, sleep for longer (both during the day and night) and feed more, all of which worked instantly.

We have seen a tremendous improvement and we all are a lot happier 🙂
We highly recommend Jodie. She is passionate about her work, has a wealth of knowledge and has a great way with children.

Ange, Sydney

I reached out to Jodie in order to help me get my 7 week old son to sleep during the day without constantly having to be held and rocked, to have him resettle during sleep cycles and to easily go down at night. Not only did she teach me how to settle him to sleep which did not involve crying it out, she also introduced a routine that ensured he would get adequate sleep in the day resulting in easier sleep settling at night. We saw immediate results after introducing the routine and using her techniques. We have also been able to abandon the use of a dummy and it is evident he was using that to sooth himself due to being constantly over tired. It’s only been a week but the changes have been phenomenal we still have elements we need to introduce and we still need to work at it but so far it has been great. Highly recommended! Khemany, Sydney

Jodie was recommended to us through a Mother’s Group and I can highly recommend her! Our 18 month old daughter didn’t really have a set routine, she was going to bed late and waking throughout the night. When we met Jodie, we instantly liked her, she was so understanding (without judging) and extremely easy to talk to. We had a detailed talk with her and she recommend we get a routine sorted. Well, within a couple of days of sticking to the routine (much to our surprise), our daughter now sleeps through the night, goes to bed by 7pm each night (and wakes around 6-7am) and various other things.

If you’re having difficulties with your little ones, then I highly recommend Jodie!

Sonia, Sydney

To have Jodie’s ongoing support while adjusting to being a new parent has been so fantastic.  While I first went to her for help with my son’s sleep (which has since been transformed!), her awesome advice across a range of topics and concerns has helped me be a more confident and relaxed new mum. Reassuring, gentle, knowledgeable  and just lovely to be around – I can’t recommend Jodie highly enough! Caroline, Sydney

From day one Jodie showed my husband and I that our 7 month old could sleep without rocking or feeding to sleep using her gentle approach. My daughter went from feeding nearly every hour to two hours each night to feeding once only a night in two weeks! Jodie gave me guidance, support and encouragement each day to keep going. She taught me what noise meant what, and that my LO can self settle. We now have a solid routine and my LO is more happier than ever. Thank you!!! Eve, Sydney

Thank you Jodie for all your help. Your support has been invaluable and, quite frankly, lifesaving – especially since this is my first bub, I have no family in Sydney and absolutely no idea what I am doing!

Your extensive experience, calm and genuinely caring manner gave me the confidence I needed with our newborn. I fully intend to keep you in our lives for as long as you’ll have us!! Thank you!!

Mischa, Sydney

When I first contacted Jodie, I wasn’t too worried – Ezra was having some long sleep stretches (fed to sleep) but needed some encouragement towards self settling. He wasn’t a great day napper either – only in his pram or fed to sleep. He was 5 and a half months and starting weaning with only some success. I knew I wanted help to set up a routine for him as he had been always breast fed on demand. By the time the full day session arrived with Jodie – a week later, I was at the end of my tether. Bub was up every hour from bed time onwards and I spent most of the evening/ night in a dark room either feeding him to sleep or watching him sleep in my arms before daring to move him into his cot (where he would wake after 45 mins!) Jodie was so professional and confident and stayed with us for 6 hours from morning onwards.

Jodie set down a routine and Ezra was chomping down his solids that morning and slept twice in his cot with a little fuss the first nap and went into his second nap even more easily. Jodie walked me through some techniques that really worked for us. That night Ezra slept through the whole night – I was in total shock! Now he wakes 1 or 2 times to feed but it’s all done quickly with no fuss getting back to sleep. (20/25mins start to finish) It’s so nice to have my evenings back and more sleep for both of us! We stopped feeding to sleep immediately and Ezra seemed to adjust easily. Jodie is so calm and knowledgeable – I found the 3 weeks of email / phone support so valuable post visit as we tweaked the routine and I got to ask any questions that popped into my head. I can now even consider a babysitter to get some me time. As we have no family here, I need that back up and now I feel much more confident thanks to Jodie’s help – it’s really been a game changer for us. Ezra is eating, sleeping and happy. I would highly recommend Jodie’s services. Alex and Ezra

Alex, Sydney

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