Terms and Conditions

I agree to follow safe sleeping practices in line with SIDS recommendations.

I agree to check with my GP if my baby has any medical conditions, which prevent them from being sleep trained safely.

I agree to disclose any medical conditions to the baby sleep consultant, which my baby has.

I understand that my customised sleep plan is meant for my baby or child and I only, and should not be shared with a third party, I acknowledge the information might not be suitable for another child.

Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to assessment schedule date will be refunded 50% of the fee. Cancellations prior to 48 hours will be refunded 90% of the fee, 10% admin fee is non-refundable.

Any changes I make to my children’s sleeping or eating arrangements are my decision and Mindful Mum will only make suggestions for change, of which I am responsible for choosing to implement.

It is my responsibility to contact Mindful Mum for my follow up and send the sleep log information through to her to be assessed for feedback as frequently as she suggests.

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