“0-6 month Baby Massage and Sleep Workshop Coming Soon”


Suitable for bubs aged 6  – 24 months and include 3 weeks of follow up where I personally support you every step of the way.

3 hours (Bedtime)        $700 + GST = $770 

14 hours (Overnight )  $1,400 + GST = $1,540 

The 3 hour package is suitable for those needing help with settling at bedtime / less complex issues.

The Overnight package is perfect for those needing more support and / or with frequent overnight wakings / more complex issues.

Both packages include:

  • Taking a full medical/feeding/sleeping history.
  • Nutrition advice including milk feeds, introducing solids, meal plans and recipes.
  • Physical development, activities and stimulation suitable for your baby.
  • Discussion and demonstrations on settling techniques to suit YOUR BABY and their capabilities.
  • How to teach your baby positive sleeping skills.
  • How to encourage your baby to sleep longer at night.
  • Reducing night feeds – dependent on growth, adjusted ages (pre-terms) and development factors.
  • Advice relating to sleeping patterns.
  • How to minimise/avoid sleep associations.
  • Full Nursery evaluation and advice on products.

You will receive a step-by-step sleep plan to achieve your goals and improve your baby’s sleep all whilst respecting your individual parenting style. I will personally support you for three weeks – the majority of my clients have resolved their issues in two weeks (amazing huh!).

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