4 hours $400  (0-4 months)

This consultation will leave you feeling much more confident in dealing with those first few precious months.  This is a time where you can lay down some great sleep foundations for your little one. I will cover breast and bottle feeding, learning to read your baby and better understand their needs, physiological development, gentle techniques to help your baby sleep more easily and for longer periods, detailed explanation of sleep cycles and realistic expectations, daily structure, how to implement a gentle routine and getting out and about with your baby.  This consultation includes discussion on your general wellbeing and your post partum recovery.

This package includes email / phone support for 1 month.


(Suitable for bubs aged 5  – 24 months)

3 hours $650 | 5 hours (day time only) $750 |Overnight – 14 hours $1200

This includes:

  • Taking a full medical/feeding/sleeping history
  • Nutrition advice including milk feeds and introducing solids
  • Physical development, activities and stimulation suitable for your baby
  • Discussion and demonstrations on settling techniques to suit YOUR BABY and their capabilities
  • How to teach your baby positive sleeping skills
  • How to encourage your baby to sleep longer at night / sleep through the night (age appropriate)
  • Eliminating night feeds (over 6 months)
  • Advice relating to sleeping patterns
  • How to minimise / avoid sleep associations
  • Full Nursery evaluation and advice on products

You will receive a step-by-step sleep plan to achieve your goals and improve your baby’s sleep all whilst respecting your individual parenting style. I will personally support you for three weeks (unlimited!), providing advice and support every step of the way. The majority of my clients have resolved their issues in two weeks (amazing huh!).


Cost $275 (0-3 MONTHS) 
Cost $400 (4 MONTHS +)

This includes:

  • FULL History Intake Evaluation prior to Consultation
  • 60 minute Phone / Skype Consultation
  • Identifying possible causes for the issues you are facing
  • Understanding your parenting style and aims
  • Age appropriate suggestions and techniques
  • Step-by-step plan to achieve your goals
  • S U P P O R T for 1 month following our consultation.


Cost $200

  • 1.5 hour in home consultation with me.
  • A full nursery evaluation and recommendations on equipment / products (I even bring some of my favourite products to show you).
  • Mindful Mums 4th trimester guidebook with a tonne of info including contacts for services.
  • Demonstrations on swaddling and down to earth, practical info on life with a new baby including feeding, settling and newborn behaviour plus more!


(for the first 3 weeks at home with your baby)
Cost $200

4 hours of RELIEF 
I will come to you either in the day or early evening and assist you with feeding, settling, bathing, support and even care for your baby while you take a break.

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