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Mindful Mum was born (excuse the pun) in 2014 and here’s the story behind it!

With a natural affinity for babies, I qualified as a Nanny in 1999, after being advised I wouldn’t be accepted to study Midwifery in NZ directly from highschool, as I was too young.  I moved to London in 2001 and then qualified as a Maternity Practitioner from the Maternity and Nanny Training College at Reading University a few years later.  I spent many years helping exhausted parents adjust as a family and get a good nights sleep. As a Maternity Practitioner, I worked with a wide range of families including overnight work with newborns, twins, triplets, baby’s with reflux and other medical issues, premature babies, women with post natal depression and also mothers returning to work.

Following my lifelong dream I went on to complete a BSC (Hons) in Midwifery. In 2013, I relocated to Sydney and in 2014 with an ongoing demand for my services,  I took a leap and started my own business, Mindful Mum.

 As a Midwife and Sleep Consultant, I am able to provide expert support to mothers and their baby’s during the post natal period. I have in depth knowledge of the complexities of pregnancy, childbirth and newborns, and understands the pressures these place on both mothers, and their families.

For some parents, their goal will be getting a good nights sleep, for others it will be breast feeding, introducing a routine, or it could be just having a more settled baby. I am extremely passionate about what I do, and will work collaboratively with you, to achieve your parenting goals.

When I’m not helping little people create positive sleeping habits,  I work part time as a Midwife and live at the beach in Bondi with my Husband and fur baby Ripley.

Contact Jodie at Mindful Mum for more information.

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