Your all in one Lactation Consultant, Infant Sleep and Parenting Coach

Parenting a baby can sometimes feel like trying to win ping pong without a paddle. In the dark. On repeat. Overwhelm can take over. Fatigue has a way of sabotaging your days. It’s hard to tune in – and trust – your instinct. And the noise of too much information and other people’s advice only adds to your struggle.

A calm, experienced hand to hold is just what you need right now

Not someone telling you to follow rigid rules in a world that’s definitely not black and white. Because you don’t need to arrive in parenthood and pick just one way.

I’m here to support you with home visits and online support, soaked in love and care and based in evidence. More than a lactation consultant, I bring 25 years of birthing, infant nutrition and parenting experience.

Hello, I’m Jodie Curry. Lactation Consultant, Registered Midwife, Sleep Consultant and Fourth Trimester Supporter

Hand holder for parents, I give you pre and postnatal care so you can embrace the joy of the fourth trimester and beyond. Embarking on the beautiful journey of breastfeeding is a unique and personal experience. While it can be incredibly rewarding, it also comes with its own set of challenges. This is where I come in—to offer the support, guidance, and expertise needed to ensure a positive and successful breastfeeding experience.

Together, we’ll create a plan to turn what can feel like an unmanageable mess into a beautiful era of your parenthood.

Personalised and Holistic Breastfeeding and Sleep Support

Working from my pocket in the Illawarra, NSW, I offer home visits in Wollongong (and surrounding suburbs) and online support to parents of babies 0-2 years.
I can help you with the following.

Postpartum recovery and transition to motherhood
Preparation to breastfeed, education and support
Sleeping – normal infant sleep, physiology of sleep, flexible routines, reducing excessive night waking, co-sleeping to cot transition and more.

Physical development and milestones
Nutrition – Lactation concerns such as pain, over / under supply, feeding twins, introduction of solids and beyond
Finding your intuition, reducing anxiety and tuning into what’s important for you

 If you need a friendly face to guide you through your fourth trimester, warmly and gently, I am here for you.

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