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As a Baby Sleep Consultant, I have over 20 years of experience helping families adjust to the challenges of having a newborn baby up to 2 years of age. I can provide knowledge, support and the tools to overcome any of the common sleep challenges listed below. As a mother myself, I understand that becoming a parent is a huge adjustment for the whole family. 

I provide support that is based on many years of experience (thousands of families), and a genuine love for my work. Here at Mindful Mum, I believe in treating every family, and baby, as unique – there is no one-size-fits-all approach.  

By taking into consideration each baby’s environment and temperament, I will work with you to develop an individualised plan to suit your child’s needs and your parenting style. 

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What is a Baby Sleep Consultant?

  Many people haven’t heard of a baby sleep consultant until they have their own children. I provide in-home consultations and deal with a variety of mostly sleep-related issues. Baby sleep consultants can help with newborn education for parents, physiology of sleep and development, age appropriate routine structure, providing reassurance to parents about normal infant biology and behaviour, feeding advice, eliminating excessive night feeds and wakes, introducing solids and post-natal support which should all be evidence-based.

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Sleep is often underestimated as a basic need for humans, however it is just as important as food, water and warmth. 

Too often we see parents reaching out for help and are repeatedly told, it’s normal and encouraged to suck it up and get on with it.

While a certain amount of sleep deprivation comes with having a new baby, chronic sleep deprivation doesn’t need to continue past the 6-month mark.

According to medical experts, there generally aren’t any long-term health effects that result from less than 6 months of being chronically sleep deprived.  However; more than 6 months of chronic sleep deprivation can begin to take its toll on the mum, the baby and ultimately the whole family.

Postnatal depression is serious, can be extremely dangerous and it affects up to one in seven women (almost 16 per cent) giving birth in Australia.

Being sleep deprived has its costs, namely a host of symptoms. Some of which are very similar to post natal depression such as;

Being sleep deprived has its costs, namely a host of symptoms. Some of which are very similar to post natal depression such as;






crying easily


cognitive impairment


impaired brain activity


decreased resistance to illness

Common Sleep Challenges

Cat Napping

developmental Leaps

Self Settling



Why would I need a baby sleep consultant?

If you feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice out there, you might benefit from having a sleep consultant help you in your parenting journey. I often see mums in the first few weeks or months of giving birth wanting some one-on-one time to discuss everything related to having a baby.

This can include feeding, settling, newborn behaviour, and what to expect in those early days.

I also see parents of babies who may have slept well in the beginning but now the sleep has regressed, and the whole family is struggling as a result. As a sleep consultant, I will clearly identify the issues for every case, create a detailed plan to address them using gentle techniques, and provide support every step of the way.

I will look at your individual situation and give you valuable advice and tools to help you enjoy your time with your little one without unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Do you have one method that you use?

Absolutely not!! Every baby, mother and family is different.

I use various gentle, gradual and effective techniques that I can adapt to suit each family and give them a truly personalised approach.

I have extensive experience and a vast knowledge of babies’ development and growth, which enables me to provide age-appropriate plans and set realistic goals.

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I have worked with so many exhausted parents over the years and these aren’t mums who are just tired or have had a few ‘rough nights’. These are mums have been battling month after month not getting close to what their body needs to function.

Often they have got to a point where they’re not enjoying being a mum anymore. This makes me incredibly sad especially knowing through gentle changes, it can be SO different.  This is the motivation that drives me to do what I love in my job as a baby sleep consultant.

my experience as a baby sleep consultant?

I am a qualified Maternity Practitioner and have completed a BSc (hons) in Midwifery, I have also studied infant and pregnancy nutrition as well as being a qualified infant massage instructor.

Over the last 20 years I have worked with thousands of families around the world, including both day and night roles with twins, triplets, babies with reflux and other medical issues, premature babies, and mothers with post-natal depression and anxiety.

I provide support that is based many years of experience and a genuine love for my work.

How can you help my family?

Taking a full history enables me to look holistically at each individual situation; I then discuss this in detail with the client. I look at their aims, what is normal for their baby’s age and developmental capabilities, what we can do to improve the quality of sleep, the general wellbeing of the mother, the baby and the entire family and what changes to expect in the future.

I also offer support while they make the suggested changes. Please see the baby sleep consultant packages available.

Packages available

I offer post-natal support from day one. I also provide an in-home service for 3 hours during the day (under 5 months) or for the bedtime routine (6 months + which includes 3 weeks of daily contact for those wanting a bit of extra support.

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Having a professional sleep consultant can be life changing in so many ways.  I work with mums who want to room share with their baby, continue to offer night feeds and breast feed for as long as possible.

It’s not about doing what the books tell you to do or what the latest fad of parenting may suggest. It’s about educating mums and dads (and often grandparents) with the latest evidence available and giving them the tools to achieve THEIR parenting goals and find what makes THEIR family thrive and function well.

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