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Midwife, Sleep Consultant and Parenting Coach in Sydney & Wollongong, Rebates Available.

Parenting a baby can sometimes feel like trying to win ping pong without a paddle. In the dark. On repeat. Overwhelm can take over. Fatigue has a way of sabotaging your days. It’s hard to tune in – and trust – your instinct. And the noise of too much information and other people’s advice only adds to your struggle.

A calm, experienced hand to hold is just what you need right now

Not someone telling you to follow rigid rules in a world that’s definitely not black and white. Because you don’t need to arrive in parenthood and pick just one way.  I’m here to support you with home visits and online support, soaked in love and care and based in evidence. More than a Sleep Consultant, I bring 25 years of breastfeeding, birthing, nutrition and parenting experience.

Sleep Consultant

Hello, I’m Jodie Curry. Registered Midwife, Sleep Consultant and Fourth Trimester Supporter

If you’re reading this, you might find yourself in the midst of an unmanageable sleep situation with your little one. Sleepless nights, endless rocking, and an overwhelming sense of exhaustion. Don’t worry there is a path forward, and it’s one that leads to more restful nights, a thriving child and a happy more relaxed parent. I have helped so many parents just like you get a better nights sleep. Improving sleep while respecting your parenting style and protecting breastfeeding is what I do best!

Together, we’ll create a plan to turn what can feel like an unmanageable mess into a beautiful era of your parenthood.

Packages Available 

Monthly Support Programme  (from Birth – 8 Months)

Gentle tweaks to support healthy sleep, breast / bottle feeding, solids and development.

Initial $220 Subsequent $140 – Includes 45 Min Zoom Consult and Notes Emailed to You via Cliniko.

Hand holder for parents, I give you continuity of care so you can embrace the joy of the fourth trimester and beyond. Confidence, ease and the revelation that you can absolutely parent your way are within your reach. You just need a little help from someone who takes the time to know you, your family and the way you want to parent.

Each month we sit down over zoom and go through where you and your little one are at and what you would like help with. Reassurance, education, support and guidance along with a big dose of TLC! If you are wanting personalised support with bite size info for the month you’re currently in, Reach out, I would love to help you.

Personalised Holistic Sleep and Nutrition Programme – 7 Months +

Acknowledging the Struggle – The sleepless nights, the uncertainty, and the frustration—it’s more than just physical exhaustion; it takes a toll on your emotional well-being too. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, and it’s okay to seek a change.

Zoom Consult + 3 Weeks of Personalised Support. Cost $795 

Includes a 60 min zoom consult, the relevant nutrition and sleep goals + plan emailed to you via cliniko. The best part is that the plan is completely tailored to you and your family and we can tweak as we go.  You will  have my support everyday for 3 whole weeks! We can tick off all your goals and celebrate your wins together along the way.

1. Comprehensive Assessment – The journey begins with a comprehensive assessment of your baby’s sleep patterns, daily routine / flow, nutrition and milk intake, and your family dynamics. Understanding the unique aspects of your situation is key to crafting a personalised plan.

2. Building a Sleep-Positive Environment – Together, we’ll evaluate the current sleep environment to create a space that promotes calmness and security. Simple adjustments can make a significant impact on your baby’s ability to settle into restful sleep.

3. Gentle Techniques and Individualised Strategies – I have been helping parents supporting their child’s sleep for nearly 25 years. I have created an approach to improving sleep that is gentle and tailored to your baby’s temperament. Children will sleep through the night when they’re ready – provided they have their physical / emotional and nutritional needs met and they feel comfortable in their sleep space. Sometimes they just need a few little tweaks to their diet, routine and often a shift in the way they fall asleep / resettle when they wake. I will support you to breastfeed for as long as you like and can also support weaning when you have reached the end of your breastfeeding journey.

4. Parental Support and Empowerment – I recognise that your well-being is interconnected with your baby’s sleep. My guidance extends beyond the cot / bed, providing emotional support and empowering you with the tools to navigate the challenges confidently. As a mum myself, I understand how hard it can be and I’m here for you.

Sleep Consultant FAQs

What does a sleep consultant do?
A sleep consultant is a professional who specialises in helping families establish healthy sleep habits and routines for infants, toddlers, and young children. We provide personalised guidance, support, and strategies to address common sleep challenges and improve overall sleep quality for the entire family.
How can a sleep consultant help my family?
I can help your family by:
– Creating a customised sleep plan tailored to your child’s age, temperament, and sleep needs.
– Providing education on healthy eating and sleep habits, routines, and sleep hygiene practices.
– Offering guidance and support through various techniques.
– Addressing specific sleep challenges such as bedtime struggles, night waking, nap transitions, and more.
– Empowering parents with knowledge and tools to promote better sleep for their child and themselves.
What ages of children do you work with?
I work with families and children of all ages but I specialise in 0-2 years. Each age group may have unique sleep challenges and developmental considerations, and I tailor my approach accordingly to meet the needs of each child and family.
How long does it take to see improvements in my child's sleep?

The timeline for seeing improvements in your child’s sleep can vary depending on factors such as age, temperament, consistency with implementing sleep strategies, and parental involvement. In many cases, families begin to notice positive changes within a few days and have reached their goals within 3 weeks. I provide ongoing support and adjustments as needed to help ensure long-term success.

Can I stay with my child while implementing the changes?

Absolutely, I encourage parents to work slowly through the changes and we are a often (but not always) changing to a different sleep environment. We need to make sure your little one is comfortable before we start to remove your presence (if that’s your goal).

Can I continue to breastfeed during the night while I make changes?

Most certainly. I know from my knowledge and experience that children do not need to night wean in order to sleep well. If you are moving from feeding to sleep to something more sustainable, your little one may reduce the frequency down from 8 little feeds to fall asleep overnight to 1-2 larger, consolidated feeds for example. I encourage you to then let them drop those feeds when they naturally want to.

What makes you different from other sleep consultants?
I would say both my background and experience. As a Maternity Nurse I spent many years working with new parents with sleeping, feeding and all the complexities parenthood brings. Then as a midwife supporting women through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period and now as a lactation consultant. Having the experience, medical knowledge and being a mum myself, I really get how hard it is.

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